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We have over 23+ years of laser treatment experience in Montreal.

AFA Chemical Peels


AFA peels are formulated with highly-potent, stabilized antioxidants and powerful exfoliants that work synergistically to repair and refine your skin – without irritation or sun sensitivity!  This treatment is recommended for patients of all skin types who are experiencing acne, general signs of aging, or sun damage. This treatment is often referred to as “The Bride Peel” for its ability to give your skin a radiant, healthy glow the day of your wedding!

Treatment Benefits:

• Improves appearance of fine lines

• Treats active acne breakouts (on face or body)

• Reduces photo-pigmentation and/or age spots

• Improves overall skin barrier function

• Increases moisture retention in skin

• Clinically significant results with little to no irritation

TREATMENT PROTOCOL AND FREQUENCY: The AFA program includes in-office peel treatments performed by our Elite skin experts, and medical grade exfoliating skincare products for at-home use. We generally recommend 6 AFA peels on a weekly or biweekly basis. Most clients experience rapid improvement in their skin a few days after the first peel.

The majority of our clients see a significant improvement 2-3 weeks following the treatment as their complexion will look clearer and younger. The final result may take up to a month.

Browse our collection of AFA at-home peel products

  • AFA Cleanser

  • AFA Toner Mist (3%)

  • AFA Gels (Mild, Plus & Max)

  • AFA Moisturizers (Regular & Oil-Free)

Customer Testimonials

“Very clean, medical, and professional. Painless lasers and incredible facials and peels. Free indoor parking with valet, very easy. Huge variety of skincare products, with perfect gift sets for the holiday seasons.”

“I’ve been going to Elite Laser for several years now for laser hair removal, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole team is very friendly and makes sure that I’m always comfortable before, during and after treatments.”

“I love this place! I always look forward to my appointments. Ask to see their salt room if you ever stop by – it’s gorgeous!”

“Great staff and services. Prices are very competitive. I have done leg/underarm hair removal, and after 3 sessions, I’ve seen great results. I’ve also been for other facial treatments. Top notch equipment, great [medical] grade products, staff is always ready to help and actually follow up.”